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4 great Reasons taking a Nap feels so good!

  1. Naps improve your mental health. Research shows that people who nap report being happier overall compared to those who don't. There are immediate benefits to napping too. When you are well rested, you're more alert, which means your brain can retain memories more easily. and learn things more thoroughly. It boost your ability to make decisions, as well as your creativity, directly improves your mood and strengthening your ability to regulate your emotions.

  2. Naps make you more productive. Research suggest that frequent napping helps you perform better, at work - at school - at athletic events. So instead of taking a coffee, a nap can leave you more productive, alert and creative.

  3. Napping improves your physical health. Not feeling sleepy during the day is its own benefit, but when you're well rested you as well have better motor performance, more control of your body, better proprioception., Since napping reduces tension, it can reduce your risk of heart disease too, as well as lowering your blood pressure and supporting your immune system.

  4. Even a quick nap has its benefits. Luckily , naps shorter than 30 minutes have many benefits on their own. "In one study, a 10 minute nap produced improvements in areas as sleepiness, fatigue,and cognitive performance." And on top of it were even maintained for several hours after the nap., says sleep expert T. Cralle.

So don't feel bad if you are napping,

you are actually helping yourself.

Be safe, be well


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