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Body Facts

-the average person breathes in 6 liters of fresh air a minute in sedentary mode, and up to 150 liters a minute at high intensity, we breathe approximately 20,000 per day

- vigorous exercise makes us lose around 2 pints of water as sweat per hour

- our nervous system sends signals at 250 mph

- our hand has 27 bones, 4 main nerves,40 muscles and 40 tendons

- our face has over 30 muscles, best training these is smiling

- human speed on average is 28 mph and we accelerate 11 feet per second

and yet we sometimes still neglect the most basic needs our body needs. We actually should treat our body like we would treat a million dollar Ferrari, because our body works that much better.

Folks eat well and nutritiously, exercise daily and life responsibly .

Or body is built to move!



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