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Inspiration is everywhere

I was doing my cardio at my neighborhood park by means of a run today -02.20.21- around 5pm when I saw this:

I kept on going, then stopped to took this picture because I had this thought in my mind when I saw this little flower. "It hasn't even been 12 hours above freezing yet, and having just endured 7 continuous days of below freezing temps, covered in snow or ice under freezing rain, outside and alone, yet this little flower (and it's surrounding) is blossoming." We, You & I, everyone is totally and absolutely capable of getting up after being down, or after failure, or after hard times and blossom again too. It's how we interpret the situation. So come on fellow Texan look ahead, heal and get whole again, and while doing so, help where help is needed and possible.

My late dad always used to say:" every day the sun rises and shines". She does even on cloudy days. You just have to want to believe it. Thanks!

Exercise to be able to do your daily living activities, eat healthy and nutritious, and live responsibly.

Be safe, be well!

Our bodies are built to move!


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