Brazil Nut Blueberry Cashew Fig  Bar

Brazil Nut Blueberry Cashew Fig Bar

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Nutritious Brazil nut, paired with sweet cashews, figs, and healthy blueberries creating a delicious snack. Have one a day! Tip: freeze a bar and eat it like a popcicle. Steep your fav cup of tea and enjoy togehter with a bar. 

Catch us at one of the Farmers Market we attend or order it here. As always, order 12 bars and get a baker's dozen. (13 bars for buying 12 bars). The bars will last for up to 20 days, refridgerated or in the pantry. They are GF and dairy free. Subscription discount available (6month-15 bars per month). Only 1 Discount applicable at time of purchase.. Give us a call/text to deliver or help with any questions you may have. Be safe, be well! Uwe

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