Cashew Cranberry Cinnamon Bar

Cashew Cranberry Cinnamon Bar


Our very first bar! This brings childhood memories back to life. Yeah! Powerful combination of quality ingredients makes this a favorite food bar for many. Tip: freeze the bar and eat it like ice cream, or try it with a cup of coffee or a Shiner Bock.

Available on an individual purchase at regular price, or as a subscription order with a 25% price break. Minimum subscription order are 15 bars per month ($25.35 per month, a$8.40 savings every month) for 6 month. Over $50 in savings over 6 month while enjoying a healthy snack. Gluten Free and Dairy free, they keep easily 20+ days in the fridge or pantry. We do deliver, we have pick up locations for your conveniant collection after work or while in town. Call and inquire within. Be safe, be well!

  • Subscriptions save 25%! WOW

    25% in savings comes out to over $50 in savings per subscription duration. 15 bars of a healthy nutritious and tasty snack for your family or indidvidual per month. (duration 6 month)

    Call (512.413.9110) to ask or to Sign up now.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Bar to none!
subscribe and save 25%
$1.69monthly/ 6 months