Cashew Cranberry Cinnamon Bar

Cashew Cranberry Cinnamon Bar


this is, was our first bar and brings childhood memories back to life. Yeah! Powerful combination makes this a favorite food bar for many.

Available on an individual purchase at regular price, or as a subscription with a 25% price break. Minimum subscription order are 15 bars per month ($25.35 per month, a$8.40 savings every month) for 6 month. Over $50 in savings over 6 month while enjoying a healthy snack. Gluten Free and Dairy free, they last 30+ days in the fridge. We do deliver, we have pick up locations for your conveniant collection after work or while in town. Call and inquire within. 

  • Subscriptions save 25%! WOW

    25% in savings comes out to over $50 in savings per subscription duration. 15 bars of a healthy nutritious and tasty snack for your family or indidvidual per month. (duration 6 month)

    Call (512.413.9110) to ask or to Sign up now.

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One-time purchase
Bar to none!
subscribe and save 25%
$1.69monthly/ 6 months

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