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The Dessert Bar

The Dessert Bar

SKU: Dessert Bar

Wonderful Macadamia nuts, tart - sweet cherries, dark chocolate, cacao and our unique way to create this almost guildfree food bar. Yummy! Tip: freeze one and devour it for dessert. Or how about a Rose wine or a light Red wine with it after a delicious dinner.

Catch us at one of the Farmers Market we attend or order it here. 


Call or text to inquire about individual pricing and shipping information.   


The bars will last for up to 14 days refridgerated. They are GF and Dairy free.  

Give us a call/text to help with any questions you may have. Be safe, be well!

  • Super Chocolate!

    25% discount comes out to over $60 in savings per subscription duration. 16 bars or more per month of a healthy, naturally  nutritious and tasty snack for your family or indidvidual per month. (duration minimum 6 month). Shipping charges apply

    Call (512.413.9110) to ask or to Sign up now.

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