Gingerbread Bar / Lebkuchen Riegel

Gingerbread Bar / Lebkuchen Riegel

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On sale and available now! Each order consists of 15 bars and includes free shipping. Our Vintage Bar. Made with Nuts, dried Fruits, and my Grand Ma's Gingerbread spice mix. AKA "Lebkuchengewuerz". This makes Christmas oh so close. transporting you to the old world; like Rothenburg or Nurembergs famous Christkindl's markets. Now available here in Austin. Catch us at one of the Farmers Market we attend or order it here. The bars will last for up to 14 days, refridgerated or in the pantry. They are GF and dairy free. Give us a call/text with any questions you may have. Be safe, be well

  • Handling

    Store either in your fridge or in your pantry for up to 14 days. I recommend letting the bar sit at room temperature before consuming, to really enhance the eating experience of taste and texture of our bars.  Guten Appetit!